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This site is not open to the public yet. It is devised for people who wish to keep online data and online profiles with complete control over their data; how it is kept, who has access to it and most of all, how it is displayed.

Refata is not open source, at least not currently. Neither is it developed hastily, for all programming and development is made on volunteer basis. We pay for nothing and we don't get paid for anything.

On Refata your data is your own reference, whatever you keep in your datavault, which is legal to keep, is exclusively yours. Your profile is yours and noone can close it or appropriate it, or view anything in it without your permission.

You can for example tweak your data in such a way that all texts and text documents are encrypted explicitly using your own private keyword, so that even the admins of Refata cannot unlock.

Your email @ is also yours. Refata owns only the system itself, you own your profile and your data - insofar as legality allows. We cannot - and will not - close profiles, but we can restrict access to disputed profiles by third party. This means that if your profile breaks the law we can restrict access to it from anyone except you.

Refata is still under development and not open yet for signup, nor it is planned to open in the next year or two. As of yet it's use is exclusive to system developers.



The domain is registered to Guy Ellis Hreinberg, and all programming, concept and implementation is the intellectual property of his, and implemented by